Salvias of North America (north of Mexico)

Extracted from: Kartesz, J.T. 1999. A Synonymized Checklist and Atlas with Biological Attributes for the Vascular Flora of the United States, Canada, and Greenland. First Edition. In: Kartesz, J.T., and C.A. Meacham. Synthesis of the North American Flora, Version 1.0. North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill, NC. See the USDA PLANTS database for an up-to-date version of Kartesz's data.

Format: species Author - English name - range in United States/Canada
Note: The English names listed below are those used by Kartesz, which in some cases are new creations that may not be very good choices.

Native (47 spp.)

amissa Epling - Santa Catalina Mountain Sage - AZ (endemic)
apiana Jepson - California White Sage - CA
   var. apiana - CA
   var. compacta Munz - CA (endemic)
arizonica Gray - Arizona Sage - AZ, TX
azurea Michx. ex Lam. - Azure-Blue Sage - US
   var. azurea - SE US
   var. grandiflora Benth. - Central US
ballotiflora Benth. - Shrubby Blue Sage - TX
brandegeei Munz - Santa Rosa Island Sage - CA
carduacea Benth. - Thistle Sage - CA
chapmanii Gray - Chapman's Sage - AL, FL
clevelandii (Gray) Greene - Fragrant Sage - CA
columbariae Benth. - California Sage - SW US
   var. argillacea S.L. Welsh & N.D. Atwood (new variety not in Kartesz - see Rhodora 103:71-95)
   var. columbariae - SW US
   var. ziegleri Munz - CA
davidsonii Greenm. - Davidson's Sage - AZ, NM
dolichantha (Cory) Whitehouse - Clustered Sage - TX
dorrii (Kellogg) Abrams - Gray Ball Sage - W US
   ssp. dorrii - W US
      var. clokeyi Strachan - NV (endemic)
      var. dorrii - W US
      var. incana (Benth.) Strachan - CA, ID, OR, WA
      var. pilosa (Gray) Strachan & Reveal - AZ, CA, NV
   ssp. mearnsii (Britt.) McClintock - AZ (endemic)
engelmannii Gray - Engelmann's Sage - TX (endemic)
eremostachya Jepson - Santa Rosa Sage - CA
farinacea Benth. - Mealy-cup Sage - South-Central US
funerea M.E. Jones - Death Valley Sage - CA, NV
greatae Brandeg. - Dos Palmos Sage - CA (endemic)
greggii Gray - Autumn Sage - TX
henryi Gray - Crimson Sage - AZ, NM, TX
lemmonii Gray - Lemmon's Sage - AZ, NM
leptophylla Benth. - Slender-leaf Sage - TX (may be = S. reptans Jacq., which is not listed in Kartesz)
leucophylla Greene - San Luis Purple Sage - CA
lycioides Gray - Canyon Sage - NM, TX
lyrata L. - Lyre-leaf Sage - SE US
mellifera Greene - California Black Sage - CA
micrantha Vahl - Yucatan Sage - FL, PR, VI
   var. blodgettii (Chapman) Epling - FL (extinct)
   var. micrantha - FL, PR, VI
mohavensis Greene - Mojave Sage - AZ, CA, NV
munzii Epling - San Miguel Mountain Sage - CA
occidentalis Sw. - West Indian Sage - FL, PR, VI
pachyphylla Epling ex Munz - Rose Sage AZ, CA, NV
parryi Gray - Parry's Sage - AZ, NM
penstemonoides Kunth & Bouche - Big Red Sage - TX (endemic)
pinguifolia (Fern.) Woot. & Standl. - Rock Sage - AZ, NM, TX
reflexa Hornem. - Lance-leaf Sage - Central US and Canada
regla Cav. - Mountain Sage - TX
riparia Kunth - Florida Keys Sage - FL
roemeriana Scheele - Cedar Sage - TX
serotina L. - Little-Woman - FL, PR, VI
sonomensis Greene - Creeping Sage - CA (endemic)
spathacea Greene - Hummingbird Sage - CA (endemic)
subincisa Benth. - Saw-tooth Sage - AZ, NM, TX
summa A. Nels. - Great Sage - NM, TX
texana (Scheele) Torr. - Texas Sage - NM, TX
urticifolia L. - Nettle-leaf Sage - SE US
vaseyi (Porter) Parish - Bristle Sage - CA
vinacea Woot. & Standl. - Large-flower Sage - NM, TX

Native to outlying areas of US

misella Kunth - Tropical Sage - PR
thomasiana Urban - Thomas' Sage - VI

Native named hybrids

x bernardina Parish ex Greene - columbariae x mellifera - CA
x palmeri Gray - apiana x clevelandii - CA

Naturalized (some may be waifs or persistent after cultivation)

aethiopis L. - African Sage (Note: considered a noxious weed in the western US)
argentea L. - Silver Sage
coccinea P.J. Buchoz ex Etlinger - Blood Sage (listed as a native)
glutinosa L. - Sticky Sage
hispanica L. - Spanish Sage
longistyla Benth. - Mexican Sage
microphylla Benth. - Baby Sage - AZ, CA, NM (= S. grahamii)
nemorosa L. - Woodland Sage
nutans L. - Nodding Sage
officinalis L. - Kitchen Sage
pallida Benth. - Pale Sage
pratensis L. - Prairie-Meadow Sage (Note: considered a noxious weed in Washington)
sclarea L. - Cleareye (Note: considered a noxious weed in Washington)
splendens Sellow ex Roemer & J.A. Schultes - Scarlet Sage
x superba Stapf - x sylvestris x villicaulis
x sylvestris L. - nemorosa x pratensis
tiliifolia Vahl - Linden-leaf Sage
verbenacea L. - Verbena Sage
verticillata L. - Lilac Sage
virgata Jacq. - Wand Sage (Note: considered a noxious weed in California)

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