Salvia microphylla (Littleleaf Sage)

This native of Mexico is a very popular ornamental. It is quite similar to Salvia greggii, but the habit is more lax and the leaves are a little larger and rugose (wrinkled), with impressed veins.

Photographed at left is 'San Carlos Festival', one of many named cultivars. Highly recommended.

Zone 7, Sun/Semi-shade, Dry/Mesic, 2', pink-red, spring/summer/fall, native to Mexico.

Chapel Hill, NC 5/29/03

Salvia microphylla var. neurepia (Fruity Littleleaf Sage)

Salvia microphylla var. neurepia, another Mexican native, is commonly called Fruity Littleleaf Sage. Similar to S. microphylla var. microphylla but with sticky fruity-scented leaves, more upright habit, and larger leaves. This is an evergreen shrub, not an herbaceous plant, and it normally does not get killed back to the ground. It got killed back during the harsh winter of 2004-5, but sprouted right back from the roots. It has a very long flowering period, like Salvia microphylla and Salvia greggii. Excellent as an ornamental.

Zone 7, Sun/Semi-shade, Dry/Mesic, 4', pink-red, spring/summer/fall, native to Mexico.

Chapel Hill, NC 12/10/01

Notes on Growing Salvias in Central NC

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