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Bigfruit Hawthorn (Crataegus macrosperma)

Plantae>Magnoliophyta>Magnoliopsida>Rosales>Rosaceae>Crataegus macrosperma Ashe

Bigfruit Hawthorn (Crataegus macrosperma)

Common in rocky areas and balds in the Mountains, this may be the same species as Fanleaf Hawthorn (C. flabellata). It is distinguished from the similar C. schuettei by fewer number of stamens (5-10 vs. 15-20) and from the similar C. iracunda and C. pruinosa by reflexed, acuminate (long-pointed) leaf tips, thinner leaves, as well as fewer stamens (10 for C. iracunda, 20 for C. pruinosa). Most flowers in this photo have 5-7 stamens. The fruits of this species are not unusually large, despite the name.

Clay Co., NC 5/12/06.

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