Chinese Chestnut (Castanea mollissima)

Plantae>Magnoliophyta>Magnoliopsida>Fagales>Fagaceae>Castanea mollissima Blume

Quick facts
Height: 30-40'
Leaves: toothed, alternate, deciduous, pubescent beneath
Flower: May-June
Fruit: July-Aug
Habitat: planted
Similar species: American Chestnut (Castanea dentata), Chinese Cork Oak (Quercus variabilis)

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This commonly planted medium-sized tree from China is a rare escape from cultivation in North Carolina. Similar to the native American Chestnut (Castanea dentata), but the leaves are less prominently toothed, are short-acuminate (come to a more abrupt point), and are densely covered with minute hairs on the undersides. The hairs may be difficult to see because they're so fine, but the undersides are velvety-soft.