Spring Azure (Celastrina ladon)

Spring Azure (Celastrina neglecta) Durham Co., NC 4/3/05.
Spring Azure (Celastrina neglecta) Ashe Co., NC 4/16/05.
Spring Azure (Celastrina neglecta) Botetourt Co., VA 4/19/05.
Spring Azure (Celastrina neglecta)

Nearly identical to the Summer Azure (Celastrina neglecta), which was formerly lumped with them, these common butterflies don't fly during the summer. However, Summer Azures do also fly during the spring, so you can't assume any spring azure is a Spring Azure. Spring Azures are very similar to Summer Azures, but are slightly dingier below and are more of a violet-blue above.

Durham Co., NC 4/3/05.

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