Thick-billed Murre (Uria lomvia) at Fort Macon, Carteret Co., NC

Thick-billed Murre (Uria lomvia)

Thick-billed Murre (known as BrĂ¼nnich's Guillemot in the UK) is seen about once a decade in NC, but almost never relocated.

This very tame, close, cooperative bird was found near the Fort Macon jetty on 11 March 2003 by Duke professor Stuart Pimm, who was leading an ornithology class field trip. It usually stayed very close to shore (within 10 feet) as it swam up and down the shore, and could even be seen underwater when it dived to chase fish. There were also many Razorbills and even a Dovekie in the area!

I took these photos on 12 March; the bird remained in the area through at least 16 March.

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