Sandhill Crane in Guilford Co., NC

Sandhill Crane Sandhill Crane, Oseola-Ossipee Road, Guilford Co. NC 3/20/2005.
Sandhill Crane This Sandhill Crane (very rare locally) frequented a cornfield on Oseola-Ossipee Road in rural Guilford Co. NC from February 10 - April 3, 2005.

Thanks to Melissa Whitmire and Emily Tyler for sharing their great photos. This photo of the crane dancing was taken by Melissa Whitmire on March 3, 2005.

You can read more about the bird (including directions) here (start with second item) and here.

The crane, dubbed "Big Bird" by the locals, often seems to have its head lost in the clouds, not paying much attention to the people or traffic around it. The bird was within 10 feet of me when I took these photos! Photo: Will Cook 3/20/05.
Big Bird spends much of its time searching for corn kernels and breaking apart corn stalks. Photo: Will Cook 3/20/05.
When a Red-tailed Hawk flies by, though, Big Bird pays attention! Photo: Will Cook 3/20/05.
This digiscoped photo of the crane preening was taken by Emily Tyler on 2/28/05.
Photo taken by Melissa Whitmire on 3/3/05.
It's amazing how high Big Bird tossed this corn stalk! Photo taken by Melissa Whitmire on 3/17/05.
The reddish forehead is unfeathered, though this photo shows some "fuzz" in the middle, which can't be seen in most shots. Photo: Will Cook 3/20/05.
At the right angle, you can see clear sky through Big Bird's nostrils. Photo: Will Cook 3/20/05.

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