Carolinabirds Subscriber Demographics

Message posted to Carolinabirds on 4 January 2017:

Announcing... Carolinabirds - 20th anniversary!

Better late than never - we have a milestone to celebrate!

Carolinabirds was announced to unsuspecting Birdchat subscribers on a Friday the 13th, way back in December 1996, 20 years ago! The list is almost old enough to drink...

The idea hatched when Jeff Pippen and I were chatting in the lab about how it would be nice to have an email list like Birdchat with a more local focus. I'd briefly subscribed to Cayugabirds (preparing for a trip to New York state) and got the idea for the name of Carolinabirds from that. Some time later, when I was bored, I sent in a request to the Duke IT folks to request a new majordomo email list (we don't have LISTSERV at Duke). I'd nearly forgotten about it when, after returning from a Botany Department Christmas party, I received an email that the list had been set up. I sent out an announcement to Birdchat (see original message below, preserved in the Birdchat archives) and within a month the list had over 100 members. It's only been growing since then!

It's been another great year for the list for the most part - thanks, folks, for helping to make this group a success and keeping Carolinabirds friendly as we keep growing!

My annual report on our subscribers is below... feel free to email me with your location if you might have been left out of this breakdown and would like to be included next time.

Total subscribers on
12/19/2016: 1514
12/14/2015: 1472
12/15/2014: 1389
12/13/2013: 1319
12/13/2012: 1241
12/15/2011: 1133
12/13/2010: 1033
12/18/2009: 997
12/16/2008: 947
12/13/2006: 787
12/13/2005: 712 (519 regular, 193 digest mode)
12/13/2004: 602 (465 regular, 137 digest)
12/13/2003: 570 (474 regular, 96 digest)
12/13/2002: 529
12/13/2001: 545
12/13/2000: 506
12/13/1999: 438
12/13/98: 368
12/13/97: 262
1/13/97: 104
12/14/96: 17

Where we live:
1    Belgium
3    Canada
2    Costa Rica
1    France
1    Scotland
1    Sweden
1263    United States
242    unknown

US states (30 states + DC)

798    NC (62.7% of known locations)
240    SC (18.9%)
45    VA (3.5%)
36    GA (2.8%)
21    TN (1.7%)
14    FL
12    NY
11    CA
10    MD
9    PA
8    OH
6    DC
6    IL
5    IN
5    KY
5    MA
5    MI
4    CT
3    NJ
3    TX
2    AZ
2    DE
2    ME
2    MN
2    NH
2    OR
1    AK
1    CO
1    NE
1    WA
1    WI

Breakdown of NC+SC subscribers by region:

290    Coastal Plain    29.4%
589    Piedmont    59.6%
109    Mountains    11.0%

161    NC Coastal Plain    21.0% of NC subscribers
496    NC Piedmont    64.8%
108    NC Mountains    14.1%

129    SC Coastal Plain    57.8% of SC subscribers
93    SC Piedmont    41.7%
1    SC Mountains    0.4%

With 1038 subscribers in the Carolinas, that's a whopping 0.0069% of the total population of the states! Who says birding isn't popular?

As always, the biggest cluster is still in the Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill), with 322 subscribers (25.3% of total), followed by the Charleston area (72), the Triad (58), Charlotte (51), and Asheville (48).

Breakdown by sex (estimated from names):

553    female (39.5%) (unchanged over last few years)
847    male (60.5%)

Happy new year birds!

Subject: Announcing... Carolinabirds
From: Will Cook
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 18:55:53 -0400
Birdchatters, I've just set up a majordomo mailing list called Carolinabirds. (Friday the 13th seemed like a good day to start it.) The subject matter of this list will be the discussion of wild birds and birding in North and South Carolina. The list will serve as a forum for birders to discuss all aspects of birdlife in the Carolinas, including rare birds, bird finding, bird identification, bird behavior, and backyard birding. The main limitations are that topics for discussion must be about wild birds and geographically limited to the Carolinas. It will be open to all skill levels from professional ornithologists to beginning backyard birdwatchers. This is an open list. Anyone can add themselves to the list by sending a message to with the message text of "subscribe carolinabirds". Similarly, subscribers can remove themselves from the list by sending a message to with the message text of "unsubscribe carolinabirds". For a list of other commands that anyone may use in a message to "majordomo", send a message to with the message text of "help". Mail sent to "" is automatically redirected to each person on the list by the Majordomo mailing list server. Enjoy! (Hope this works...) Will Cook -- Charles W. "Will" Cook w 919-660-7409 h 919-967-5446 Duke University Botany Dept., Durham, North Carolina


Charles W. (Will) Cook
Nicholas School of the Environment
Division of Environmental Science & Policy
Box 90328, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708